• Trucks Equipped For Hauling
  • Wide Two Horse With Ramp And Tack Room
  • 6-Horse Head To Head That Is Equipped To Convert To 4 Double Wides Or 3 Box Stalls Side And Rear Loading With Tack Room


6 horse head to head with side and rear ramp loading

This well-maintained rig can accommodate 6 horses or can be configured for other stall options.  The horse shipping stalls are deeply bedded, have full dividers for each horses protection.

Stall Options Available….

  • Single Stall – The most economical class of travel. Horse’s travels 3 abreast, has a chest bar and are cross tied to keep them secure.
  • Stall and a Half – This is the coach class of horse van travel. It provides comfortable space in a standing stall that is 2 abreast and cross tied.
  • Box Stall – This is the premier way to transport your valuable horse. It allows the horse to have a home away from home where they have room to move around in their stall with all the comforts of home (cable, just kidding).

2 horse extra tall and extra wide with ramp load and tack room

  • Extra tall
  • Extra wide with ramp and Tack room

*We have a fleet of dependable new trucks. Trailers are pulled by a 2013 GMC 3500 Series Dually Denali. 


  •  We have skilled mechanics that carefully over see the maintenance of our trucks and trailers.
  •  Trucks and trailers are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
  •  All stalls are deeply bedded we provide a cotton hay bag provided if you choose to supply your horse with hay.


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